Hardwire Verses Wireless Security System: The Basics

If you want to have a security system installed in your home, you need to decide if you want a hardwired system or a wireless system. A hardwired system and a wireless system both communicate differently with the central station. It is important to understand how both communication systems work in order to determine which system is best for your home.

#1. Hardwire System

Hardwiring is how security systems are traditionally installed. Hardwire systems use the same structure that has been used for decades in homes. With a hardwire system, first, the system is connected to your electrical system. That means that your system needs the power on in order to work. Most hardwire systems also connect to a backup power source, such as a battery or a generator, in order to ensure that your home is protected even when the power goes out.

Hardwire systems are also connected directly to your phone line. When the alarm goes off, a signal is sent through your phone line to the monitoring company. The monitoring company is then able to directly contact emergency services if appropriate. The only real downside to this system is that if your phone line is cut or the phone system is down for some reason, your alarm will have no way to connect with your central monitoring system and with police resources.

#2. Wireless Systems

Wireless systems are built a little differently. Some wireless systems are still connected to your power lines and powered by the power system in your home. Other wireless systems are connected directly to a battery source, so they work all the time, regardless of whether the power is working or not.

The big difference with wireless systems is how they communicate with the central monitoring systems. Wireless systems are not hardwired into your phone system. Wireless systems connect to your WiFi signal and use the WiFi signal to send information to the central monitoring station. They may also use the WiFi signal to send information to your phone or an app if your alarm goes off. As a backup, many wireless systems also communicate over Bluetooth and could alert you to a break-in if your phone was within your home.

Regardless of which system you choose to go with, a hardwire system or a wireless system, the security of your home will be increased. Talk to the security company, like Securiworld Canada, to determine which type of setup is best for your home.