Security Guards: Chivalry For The 21st Century

Are you interested in a career in security? It is an adventurous job. Not unlike medieval knights who were responsible for guarding their lords' fields and properties, security guards act to secure and protect places like malls and stadiums. You may have had second thoughts about a security career after the October 2014 attacks in Quebec and Ottawa. However, it's important to remember that security guards are not responsible for combating assailants, but for acting as the venue's eyes and ears. [Read More]

Five Things To Consider Before Hiring A Security Guard

A security guard maintains the peace, deters riff-raff from your property and lends an aura of safety to the area. Whether you run a church, a gallery, a shop, an event venue, an apartment complex or almost any other facility, you are likely to benefit from having a security guard on site. Before you start searching for a guard, however, here are five things you need to consider first: 1. Full-Time Guard Versus Contract Guard [Read More]